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Yoga Sessions For Beginner

Yoga Sessions For Beginner

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Intrigued by the fitness and strength of people you admire the most? Now you can achieve that and more merely by taking the first step towards a healthy YOU! 

Beginner Yoga is for those who want to work on their flexibility and build strength with a physique to desire for! 

Start with something small and get the benefits by being regular and see the difference within YOU with passing time. 

It’s always a step ahead until it’s done. 

Book Your Slots now and join the session at your convenience from any of the slots mentioned below : 

  • All the Yoga sessions will be conducted by team Muscle Torque, You'll be getting a dedicated link to join the program 

  • • Classes will be held on Zoom Call. Once you buy the plan you will be able to access the link. 

  • A review of every class will be taken so if you are willing to change the instructor we'll do that.

  • • You have an option to change the instructor. 

  • This Plan Is for One Month Subscription 


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